Time Present and Time Past


(I haven’t even graduated yet, but I wanted to post this already.)

If there’s one lesson that Beacon has taught me all throughout my high school career, it’s to cite my sources.

“Time Present and Time Past” is a found poem that consists of music, literature, and pop culture references. The poem consists of four parts, all of which are conversations with the people I have been (and will continue to be) in the past four years.

I have always lived in and out of books, music, movies, and television shows. However, none of these have been as real to me as the small collection of people in my life to whom this poem is dedicated and with whom I never intend to indefinitely use the word “goodbye​.” ​You know who you are, and I hope you recognize yourselves in the lines that I have attributed specifically to you. Thank you for teaching me that people are inherently kind and loving in spite of everything that is perceived to be wrong with this world. Each of you occupy the parts of my heart that I still hope to identify long after I sit through my final Biology exam in May.

To The Beacon Academy: Thank you, a thousand times over. You are the home that has always been there for me, and the lifelong education that you have given me is one that I will never be able to repay or find anywhere else.

“Time Present and Time Past”



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